How Cool is This Space?

I receive monthly emails from Shaw Contract Group, a carpet manufacturer, spotlighting design projects throughout the country that utilize their carpets in innovative spaces. I was excited (and quite surprised) to see their email this month highlighting one of IW’s largest projects- APX Alarm- in Provo, UT. APX Alarms finished building their new, 125,000 SF corporate headquarters in late 2009 and we were quite happy to see our Teknion furniture line incorporated within the building’s design. IW teamed up with the architect, Pollack Architecture and the Teknion dealership Sidemark, both out of San Francisco, CA to help bring APX’s vision of their new facility to life. It was quite a feat to ensure everything went seamlessly with the install, especially with as many as 4 or 5 truckloads of furniture arriving in a single day! One of the things that I am most pleased with about this design is how easily Teknion was able to customize their product to fit APX’s personal needs. It truly is a spectacular space and one worth bragging about! You can see the photo for yourself by following the link below:

How Cool is This Space?

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